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About Us, Live Plant, Live Better In Gardening

 Focus on Gardening is managed by a group of enthusiastic people who love outdoor indoor lives. On planting, there are a lot of households who have their own garden. Out of the experience managing our own farms and gardens, understand what really fit outdoor indoor life.  We have successfully served hundreds of gardeners and households by providing products from soil, plants, outdoor furnitures, to garden accessories as well as gardening and outdoor accessories installation service.

Nourishes the body, elevates the spirit through gardening

We understand that modern people is in a bustling city, so we cherish our life in gardening and would like to share with you our joy living with the nature. We select high quality products from the whole world to improve not only the efficiency of your gardening work but also the enjoyment of staying planting. Every time when we see the satisfying smile on clients’ face after they examine our gardening work, we feel so happy that we are not selling product but creating a relaxed moment out of high pressure life in busting city.

Spread the joys and rewards of gardening

Not only products but also a life attitude, We have plenty products of gardening,several cargoes of products you can find on our website, 

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